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"Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education. .. We are born weak, we need strength; we are born totally unprovided, we need aid; we are born stupid, we need judgment. Everything we do not have at our birth and which we need when we are grown is given to us by education." (Jean Jacques Rousseau, Emile, On Philosophy of Education)

"The strongest arguments prove nothing so long as the conclusions are not verified by experience. Experimental science is the queen of sciences and the goal of all speculation." -  Roger Bacon

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can't read or write but those who can't learn, UNLEARN and RELEARN" Alvin Toffler



Files for Outcome-Based-Education Workshops FSG January 2009.File last updated 1st Aug 2009 at 4:00 am

Brief Guide to LOKI LOKI Template Example (Excel) Prof Raden's Slides PanpacDec08 (Color) JPT Panpac Dec08 Curr Design (Color) Wkshp agenda
Guideline Curr Design-JPT Matrix LOKI from JPT Prof Raden's Slides PanpacDec08 (Grey) JPT Panpac Dec08 Curr Design (Grey) Wksshp Evaluation
DrJJ's Power Point (pdf) DrJJ-Lecture-Health Science.pdf Generic FSG PEO-PO Example Lesson Outcome (doc) MQF Framework
OBE Checklist  template (xcel) OBE Checklist template  (zip) SLT Program and Course  (xcel)  pdf FFSG500-syllabus (doc)  AS118-120809
DrJJ's Power Point FKSM (pdf) Form_6a-PHY407-Syllabus (doc)  DRJJ Course-PO-PEO-LOKI AS120-dip (xcel)  (password) COPPA     COPIA     AS231-140809
DrJJ's Power Point FKMPM (pdf) AS115-DIC-300709 (copied from your original) AS115-DIC-010809 (DrJJ's recommendation)    
AS115-DIC-270709 (Original file)        


Please download the OBE Checklist template (zip). This zip file contains the individual progress checklist for each program. The sheet will later be merged into the master file (FSG OBE-CR-percent-100309) containing feedback (sheets for all programs). I also included the Master file and the most recent EXCEL BLANK EMPLATE FOR CURRICULUM DESIGN BASED ON MOHE-LOKI-TAXONOMY DEVELOPED BY DRJJ (FSG)-DR HAZLI n FUAD (FKE)-(EXCEL-PASSWORD REQUIRED)-13012011  (password) file (the taxonomy graphs are now automatically generated). Please email me the completed checklist (fsgobe@gmail.com and cc to jjnita@salam.uitm.edu.my and drjjlanita@yahoo.com) for each individual program so that I can merge all the checklists together in order to produce a comprehensive check on the status of OBE-compliance for the faculty.

Files for Outcome-Based-Education Workshops FSG May-June 2008-Forms 6,7 and 8 were modified January 09

Introduction to OBE & MQA/MQF :

  1.  Introduction to OBE & the MQA/MQF papers (zipfile-unzip to your laptop. Print the article by Felder for everyone)

  2. Choice of verbs in the cognitive domain (print for everyone)

  3. Verbs for generic skills (print for everyone)

  4. Guide to do the SLT-Notional Credit (print only 1 per group)

Concept Maps on Outcome Based Education created by Assoc. Prof. Dr J.J. for this workshop (pdf) & will require password to open

  1. Focus Question: "What is Outcome-Based Education?"

  2. Focus question "What is OBE?"  statement     align     MQF     Education

Note that the templates below (from HEA including examples done by Dr. J.J.) are necessary for the curriculum review (OBE) & to be attached along with the self-review report made by each curriculum review committee at the program level. Failure to attach these templates will result in the curriculum review proposal being rejected by HEA. Examples for Form_1, form_2 and form_4 were done with program heads & their representatives  in the December 2007 workshop and will be revisited in the upcoming workshops. Use Form_6a or Form_6b as examples to write your course file/syllabus. Use Form_7  to determine the SLT for the course you are teaching and Form_8 for the SLT of all courses in the program.

The assessment breakdown, the labs, and the course outcome in Form_6 are to be carefully studied. When you write your course outcomes, it is recommended that you follow the structure in the example as a guide. First year diploma courses focus on knowledge & comprehension, second year courses knowledge, comprehension and  application level, & third year courses can include the analysis level. First year Degree courses also focus on knowledge & comprehension, second year focus on knowledge, comprehension and  application,  and final year will include the  analysis & synthesis level. You need to embed the other learning domains (communication, core practical skills, science skills, ethics, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurial, life-long learning), in the core courses and repeat these skills in  a few courses to allow for more practice. In addition, consider reducing the amount of content and focus on the accomplishment of outcomes for the many different domains of education. The learning activities & assessment strategies must also be aligned with the outcomes and must address the multiple learning domains.  Hence, try cutting down assessing the cognitive domain for each course to a range of not more than 60%.  Distribute this evenly between the continuous assessment & the final exam (best to have between 20-30% only for the final exam).

  1. FORM_1_PO - PEO(doc)  matrix (All POs ( PEOs must be discussed with stakeholders & the process of doing it be documented)

  2. FORM_2_PO-MOHE-SS(doc) (PO addressing the MOHE ALOs & Soft skills)

  3. FORM_3 Pre & Post(doc) course structure (the tables to designate changes in course structure before & after curriculum review)

  4. FORM_4_Course-PO(doc) (course structure addressing the POs)

  5. Form_6a-PHY407-Syllabus (doc)   or  Form_6b-FSG500-CO-PO(doc)  New syllabus format for the course which incorporates the course outcomes, learning strategies & assessment-example from PHY407. Use Form6a for diploma and first year degree program .Use Form6b for 2nd & 3rd year degree program. Note that my example for the assessment percentages and detailing is not finalised but is in accordance with the all the course outcomes.)

  6. FORM_7-SLT-course(xls)  This excel template which is password protected show s example on how to determine the Student Learning Time for a certain course. The examples shown are for my physics course, PHY407 and my philosophy of science course, FSG500.

  7. FORM_8_SLT-credit(xls) (This excel template is also password protected and it shows how to determine the SLT for a program by combining the SLTs for each semester.

The forms that the program level curriculum review committee need for writing a self-review report to be submitted to HEA for presentation at the SENATE meetings are:

Front cover Table of Content AJK Program Guideline for proposal Exec Summary Date of Internal Endorsement
Templates (from the Dec 2007workshop) for the May-June 2008 FSG OBE Workshops

Templates for -Pre-workshop materials (Biology-Based)



Syllabus-new format (example for PHY407)

Templates for -Pre-workshop materials (Chemistry)

AS225     AS202


Need to use the template matrixAS229

Templates for -Pre-workshop materials (Pre science)



Syllabus for the physics

Physics Syllabus     

 Industrial  Physics Syllabus



OBE May - June 08 Evaluation     Quiz 1a     Quiz 1b     Quiz 1c

LECTURES for the FSG OBE Workshops

AS114-Micro  Grayscale     Color     HTML 28-30 May 2008   Grayscale         HTML    
22-24 May 2008   Grayscale         HTML 2 - 18 June 2008   Grayscale         HTML    


Files for Outcome-Based-Education Workshop FSG Dec 17th-18th 2007

OBE program OBE papers AS201 AS203
AS225 AS231 AS curriculum MQA-MQF docs
Progs files dec 18 2007      


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